Our Sunday Gatherings are an important time when the whole Church family comes together to worship God, learn together, and spend time …, but the best place to receive care, grow in faith, encourage each other, develop meaningful relationships and do life together is in smaller groups.

At Rayleigh Baptist we call them Life Groups, and they are usually between 6 – 12 people who meet regularly to share life together, help each other grow in faith and support on another through the highs and lows. They meet on various days, at different times and at numerous locations to make it easier for everyone to find one to join. If you’re looking for a place to discuss faith, life and meaning further and forge friendships with others, Life Groups are it!

They meet at a variety of times on different days, and there are a variety of styles (online and offline). If you’re a regular part of the RBC Church family, we would encourage you to consider joining a Life Group, and we’d love to help you find the right one for you. Just head over to our contact form and drop us a message.

In order to build meaningful, stable relationships, Life Groups are a long-term commitment. But in order to enable connections across the breadth of the Church family, we also have Connect Groups which are short term and much more flexible.

My Life Group has been my anchor in the storms of life.

Val Powell

In a busy Church, Life Groups are the best place to build lasting relationships.

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