If you join us for an on-site, in-person gathering/service/event, our intention is to keep everyone as safe as possible by implementing and regularly reviewing our Covid-secure procedures.

We work hard to ensure we allow as much freedom as is safe & wise, whilst also maintaining the confidence of the more vulnerable.

If you decide to gather with us for a gathering/event,
here’s what you can expect to find:


  • Set out in short rows/groups of 6-8 with 1m distance between each group
  • there is an area of reserved seating for those who are more cautious


  • Masks are mandatory for everyone 11+ (except those who are medically exempt)


  • You can choose where to sit, and can engage with those in your row/group
  • We are now permitting mixing before and after the gathering, so you can say hello to people on your way in and out
  • there is also time for fellowship indoors after the gathering


  • We will ensure good ventilation by opening windows during events & gatherings
  • We have CO2 monitors which will alert us if we need to increase ventilation
  • Although the heating is on, please dress warmly (just in case!)


  • If you have any cold/flu or Covid symptoms, please do not join us until they have passed [instead, gather online]


  • We are not currently serving refreshments but encourage you to bring a drink with you
For more details about the considerations behind these restrictions & recent changes, see the ‘Reducing Restrictions‘ post in the Updates section of the website. If you have any questions please contact Reception on 01268 745730 / reception@rayleighbaptist.org.uk